On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 10:57:45PM -0700, slaven@rezic.de via RT wrote:
Dana Uto 16. Ruj 2014, 13:41:17, slaven@rezic.de reče:
Dana Uto 16. Ruj 2014, 13:19:43, shay reče:
With the release of Module-CoreList-5.20140914 onto CPAN following the
release of perl-5.20.1, am I correct in thinking that this ticket can
now be closed?
Very likely.
Wait, 5.18.3-RC1 has the same problem.
It needs a new Module::CoreList release that contains dates for 5.18.3-RC1.
Since versions aren't identified like that, you'll have to lie about the
release date of 5.18.3, and then amend it with another MCL change in the
final release.

However, this release of MCL is not released to the cpan but is only
contained in this RC, then no other perl versions will be affected.
I suppose you could release it as a -TRIAL to cpan, but.. meh.

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