On Wed, Jul 09, 2014 at 02:40:14PM +0100, Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker wrote:
"James E Keenan via RT" <perlbug-followup@perl.org> writes:
On Tue Jul 08 23:39:34 2014, andreas.koenig.7os6vvqr@franz.ak.mind.de wrote:
git bisect
commit 29e61fd971cd4373e17cf1dd6e954ddea5171299
Author: David Mitchell <davem@iabyn.com>
Date: Fri Jun 27 11:52:44 2014 +0100

add op_lastsib and -DPERL_OP_PARENT

Running Build test
t/Module-Info.t .......... 1/59 # Failed test (t/Module-Info.t at
line 82)
# got: '4'
# expected: '3'
# Failed test (t/Module-Info.t at line 83)
# Structures begin differing at:
# $got->[3] = 'Subroutine B::OP::parent redefined at
blib/lib/B/BUtils.pm line 217.'
Moreover, as Module-Info contains no .xs that I could locate, I would
not expect it to show new failures at the commit in question.
Well, it does define its own B::OP::parent method, which was also added
in the offending commit, so it's not really surprising
Looking a bit further, it appears that the B::Util in Module-Info is a
fork of the CPAN B::Util module, and both define a B::OP::parent method,
which is a bit naughty of them.

Perhaps the best approach is for the B::Util author(s) to make their
B::OP::parent method available only if the same method doesn't already
exist in B, or if it exists but perl was'nt built with -DPERL_OP_PARENT
(in which case the builtin B::OP::parent always just returns NULL.)

"Do not dabble in paradox, Edward, it puts you in danger of fortuitous wit."
     -- Lady Croom, "Arcadia"

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