On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 10:38:17PM +0200, Leon Timmermans wrote:
The big loser here is Perl.
Marc, could you please comment on what Aristotle and David said?
I didn't feel it was particularly worth commenting on. I don't think they
needed much correcting or agreeing (although there is lots to agree with,
and little to correct, I found them to be simply refreshingly useful
additions to this thread). Since you asked, I did comment on the mails
that you are probably thinking of. If you mean others, drop me a note and
I will comment.
They made some interesting observations that may take this discussion
into a more constructive place,
More reason, actually, to leave them in relative peace. There is no
shortage of people on this list who will happily troll any subthread that
I appear on, with the intent of killing the discussion.
unlike continuing this feud.
In my recent experiences, this is what this list has degraded into. It's
extremely hard to have a technical discussion here without immediately
being personally attacked, ridiculed, or drowned in unqualified bullshit.(*)

I am merely adapting, if that is what gets the job done.

(*) There are the usual suspects who genuinely engage in reasonable
discussion, but sadly, they are the minority and typically what I would
call the remnants from a time where perl was actually well-maintained and
are mostly being ignored themselves.

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