On Mon, Jun 09, 2014 at 01:18:19AM +0000, Matt S Trout wrote:
As soon as somebody leads with the word 'unprofessional' rather than an
actual argument as to why their interlocutor is wrong, the conversation
can pretty much be considered to be godwinated and any further replies to
fall into the 'feeding a troll' category.
I would agree, but nobody did this, so why bring it up?

As I see it, you are just attempting to silencing the truth here -
make up some bullshit allegation to distract people from the real
problem. Insulting me in the hope of, I have no clue, showing what kind of
eprson you really are?

Fact is, all we have regards security claims is Yves literally claiming so,
while telling everybody who wonders what else is there and that this isn't
enough to be "wrong" without any evidence or discussion.

Fact is, the so-called security fixes w.r.t Perl hashes are merely
obfuscation combined with challenges to prove it wrong. The people
involved clearly have not even the slightest background in cryptography,
nor do they rely on existing expertise (e.g. the mathematical literature
or other wlel-known algorithms). The claim that proof exists (but keeping
it secret) while at the same time claiming security proofs cannot exist
illustrates this well.

And all that everybody gets when this is brought up is the obvious attempt
at silencing them, in the worst methods possible, by always attacking the
messenger personally, always ignoring the arguments.
The level of hyperbole required to call a mailing list conversation 'almost
criminal' only confirms this categorisation.
The behaviour of obfuscating things while claiming the problem is solved
or the result is secure is almost criminal - it's obvious that this is
done with full knowledge of the people involved, and that they are aware
that the problem hasn't been fixed.

We are not longer in the era of trusting random people on their authority,
even if they were crypto experts, which Yves quite decidedly isn't.

To claim the problem is solved, more is needed than to shout "you are
wrong" in public places many times while falling completely silenced when
asked for actual evidence.
I do sympathise with your points but I don't think prolonging the lifespan
of this already highly unproductive thread is going to gain anybody anything
apart from giving Marc more opportunities to insult people.
Hear hear. We already know you have an agenda to spread FUD about me, and
we already know you are using public forums (such as this one) to spread
lies about me. You are abusing this list for living out your personal issues
of hate against me. It's people like you who destroy Perl!

I'd rather insult people (something I haven't done in this thread) than
sink as low as you. At least _I_ am actually interested in _Perl_ itself,
rather than personal problems.

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