First of all, I was a bit delayed by having to clean up after the most recent
major release.

Second, Ricardo, I must critically remark that you, too, made claims that
good reasons for the breakages I mentioned exist, but when asked for details,
miraculously fell silent on that topic, as does everybody else.

I am strongly convinced that these details don't exist.
On Mon, Jun 02, 2014 at 10:35:38AM -0400, Ricardo Signes wrote:
If you provided the text that you think would be useful there, I would be
interested to read it and possibly steal some nonzero amount of it in an update
It's attached, as pod fragment for easier reading. If a patch is required
for technical reasons, I will provide it, but I highly doubt it.
of the document. Obviously I can't say much more than that without seeing it,
and you may feel your time woudl be wasted writing it without an assurance of
use. So: my interest is genuine, and I would be pleased to see it, but not
discouraged should you choose to decline.
I doubt you will agree with much of it. One thing I ask of you
though: Every single point in this new policy directly reflects what a
perl5porter (and I suspect, a perl author) has states here. When you
strongly disagree, please consider that this policy reflects the actual
state of opinions on the matter by those participating in this or similar
discussions on this list.

I think it also reflects the reality of recent perl releases, which makes
perfect sense.

Grammatical problems, bad style and so on are entirely my own faults of

So, just consider that, when you disagree, you disagree with other
perl5porters, and you disagree with the actual reality of what is being

I say that because I hope you don't fall into the trap of trying to
document what you wish to be true, instead of trying to document what
actually happens. I have been burned by the belief that perl5porters care
strongly for backwards compatibility (because of past experiences and the
stated policy), and I think it does great harm to state a policy that is
quite obviously not implemented, because the people who are supposed to
implement it effectively ignore it.

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