I would wish random people would actually invest a bit more time into
actually reading what has already been mentioned. It doesn't help this
discussion when random people like you without any clue chime in and say
"you are wrong" when in fact they are just too lazy or otherwise incapable
to read the documentation. Just stay out of this discussion if you are
unable to add something of value.
On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 10:09:47PM -0400, George Greer wrote:
Depending on interpretation of 'perlvar', while the variable names
The section explicitly documents the syntax of variable names, i.e. the
actual representation.

In fact, it explicitly contradicts your wrong interpretation: "Perl variable
names may be alphanumeric strings that begin with control characters (or
better yet, a caret)."

If the section would only be about "internal" names, then the part about
the caret would be wrong (${^X} and $^X are different variables, so one
cannot be "better" than the other).

Your interpretation is wishful thinking that isn't consistent with the

Of course, if you had closely read this thread, you could have seen that
perlvar isn't the only place where this is documented, as been pointed
out multiple times. In perldata, you can read that an identifier can be
represented as "a sigil followed by a literal control character matching
the "\p{POSIX_Cntrl}" property".

By your refusal to actually verify things you write before you send them
you just waste my (and other people's) time. Maybe that is your goal?
As such the documentation does not guarantee what you think it does.
Well, it obviously does, it's you who cannot understand it, or didn't read
through it closely.

Of course, the documentation isn't the holy grail either, it could be
wrong (and often is). What is clear is that the intent of the original

Nothing of that is of relevance to this discussion at all, as even if the
documentation wouldn't document this syntax, perl policy still virtually
guarantees it's support.

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