On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 03:14:09PM -0600, Karl Williamson wrote:
I do not believe that having a non-printable character in open source
code is defensible. It serves no purpose other than obfuscation,
making the code needlessly harder to decipher.

I also believe that Perl need not try very hard to maintain backwards
compatibility for indefensible practices.
You are entitled to your beliefs, of course, but the problem persists that
this is against official policy. If p5p feels that backwards compatibility is
no longer important, then the policy needs updating.

I did offer to create a patch for it.

It is very jarring to read the policy, and then, when reporting a bug,
finding out it's really just a lie, as happened to me many times in the

I know that the policy wasn't a lie when it was written, but clearly, the
new p5pers have silently adopted a different one. If p5p really thinks
the policy is to be changed, then it must be changed. It doesn't perl do
any good to make sweeping claims about backwards compatibility when its
maintainers have no intention to actually act accordingly.

My personal opinion is that breaking compatibility with CPAN because
you think it isn't defensible isn't a worthy position to have, as the
problem is not whether it is defensible, the problem here is that it
breaks existing code without any need.

As such, you are completely missing the point - so far, nobody "defended"
that feature.

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