On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 02:35:46AM -0800, Zefram via RT wrote:
You're free to stringify a reference yourself before passing it to warn,
if you actually want a warning message to consist of the stringified
form of the reference and get the line number appended. This arrangement
gives you the choice about how a reference is to be treated.
Which is the same choice the former arrangement gave me, of course. I have
no problem with that.

The former arrangement, however, is a) backwards compatible and b) works
as documented in all versions of perl - the current arrangement fails
both, and adds no additional benefit (unlike the much older change to die
for example, which gives important benefits).

So the fact remains that its a pointless and unneeded change, only
designed to break backwards compatibility and making using warn for
warning messages harder, while not giving any benefits.

That we even have this discussion is shocking, to be honest. p5p *needs*
to stop breaking backards compatibility for no reason, and it *needs* to
stop this bullshit arguing about things that are clearly, and without any
doubt, bugs (in this case either in the docs or in the code).

The fact that you can't even admit that this is a bug completely
disqualifies you from having an informed opinion about this.

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