On 2014-01-18 22:23, Dr.Ruud wrote:
On 2014-01-18 21:16, Dave Mitchell wrote:
On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 07:01:21PM +0000, Zefram wrote:

Nice. I like this warning.
Me too. Although I think it should go into blead just after 5.20 is
released, rather than now; I think it'd going to kick up a lot of dust
and we'll want to give CPAN module owners maximum lead time to fix up
their code. For example, if its generating warnings in cpan/ code in
blead, then we need those module authors to fix their code, produce
stable new releases, pull them back into blead, and let them bed in
before we start pushing out 5.20 RC candidates.
I would not warn like this if the format string contains parameter
indices, because any parameter can go unused with those.
perl -wE'
    say sprintf join("%1\$s", map "%$_\$s", 2..5),
                "er", "Just anoth"," P","l hack","!",":)";
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