The core modules Locale::Country, Locale::Language, and Locale::Currency
(all part of the Locale-Codes distribution) should be updated. They
contain "codes" from various internet standards, and the version
currently in the core (2.07) contain data from 2004. Quite a number of
codes have changed since then, and this makes that version of the
modules much less useful.

Given the nature of the modules, they either need to be updated on a
fairly regular basis, or perhaps removed from the core. I'd say that the
2.07 versions are "buggy" since the codes contained in them do not match
the current standards.

I took over maintenance of these modules recently, and the newest
version (3.10) contains the most recent codes from the standards. Also,
I plan on releasing new versions twice a year to keep the codes up-to-date.

I noticed that the new release candidate still contains 2.07, and since
I've never been involved in the perl porters group, I'm not certain what
needs to be done to get this upgraded.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance.


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