Hi all,

I have patched Pod::Perldoc (3.15, latest CPAN and blead version) by
adding some features and fixed several bugs regarding POD2 translation
packages integration.

In particular:

* "PERLDOC_POD2" environment variable could be used, to set once, the
preferred translation (instead of using "-L" switch each time). For
example with:

export PERLDOC_POD2=it

perldoc will use POD2::IT translations (if there are, english to default).
If "PERLDOC_POD2=1", the language code will be auto-retrieved from
locale, that is,
from "LC_ALL" "LC_LANG" "LANG" environment variables respectively (I
don't know if is the right order).
For example with:

export PERLDOC_POD2=1

perldoc will use POD2::FR translations (if there are, english to
default) assuming "LC_ALL=fr_FR" on your machine.

(Note that "-L" switch overrides "PERLDOC_POD2" settings).

* bug fix: -f switch works correctly with missing translations. For
example 'perldoc -L pt -f ' retrieves the standard (English) version
if it cannot find the Portuguese translation.

* bug fix: perldoc now correctly works with several translators (f.e.
perldoc -L "it fr").


- Enrico

PS: I omitted patches for doc and changes files

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