Erman Duyar wrote:

As I mentioned in my report, I am aware of the workarounds. However, I
reported this bug because I believe the current behavior is counterintuitive
and inhibits self-contained modular programs.
It was a design choice, and since it has always (for a *very* long time at
least) been that way, because of backwards compatibility issues, it is not
something that can be changed. It is very much a religious argument, much like
some [older] *nix configurations have '.' as the first element of PATH, and most
[modern] don't include the current directory at all.

It is usually wrong (IMNSHO) to override system-path modules with local modules
with the same name (but possibly very different API's). If you don't want to
install your modules [in a private namespace] and use the normal @INC resolution
rules, you are free to override that behavior by the workarounds mentioned, just
as you are free to change your search PATH in your personal shell script.
Is there a real reason for not
adding the script/module directory to the beginning of the search path?
Security? Consistency? That's not the way Perl was designed?


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