Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
If the VERSION argument is present between Module and LIST, then the
C<use> will call the VERSION method in class Module with the given
version as an argument. The default VERSION method, inherited from
the UNIVERSAL class, croaks if the given version is larger than the
value of the variable C<$Module::VERSION>.
Like it or not, using a $VERSION scalar is the UNIVERSAL-supplied
default, but not the only game in town.
But Module::Build, ExtUtils::MakeMaker, and the CPAN indexer will not work with
that schema (since they grovel through the source code for the $VERSION
assignment), so for all intents and purposes, any well-coded module will need to
set the $VERSION scalar. If you wanted to *also* provide your own VERSION sub,
instead of relying on UNIVERSAL::VERSION, you could get very tricky - see my own
version::Limit on CPAN for one way of providing very fine-grained version control...


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