Sam Vilain wrote:
Anyway, as hasn't really been reported yet, the reposithon didn't really
achieve anything largely because I think we were setting out to achieve
the wrong thing. Nobody present was prepared to help with or apparently
interested in looking at the actual conversion effort, and in the end we
mostly just talked about concepts and basics.
I'm here [in Portland] and I am interested in the actual conversion effort
(something I've been trying to accomplish for several years now). I think
Schwern's goal was laudable, but the practical nature of the conference meant
that doing it the weekend before limited the number of people who could be involved.
So, my next approach is to just model the data and focus on making the
*extraction* I'm doing accurate, and well represented. That is, what I'm
working on is converting my importing scripts to save their information
to a SQL database, mapped with DBIx::Class. The actual file contents
will be saved in a git object repository. Then what I've done should be
more visible.
That thought had occurred to me as well. I'm still having problems with the
p42svn script randomly choking on files that appear completely fine. I'm sure
part of the problem is that p42svn uses the Perforce P4 library module, which
isn't all that well supported.

Sam and anyone at OSCON - Do you want to try and get together to brainstorm the
actual nitty-gritty of the conversion scheme? I don't have any other pressing
responsibilities. My WIFI connection is very spotty, so I have to plug in
downstairs to check email.


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