Brandon Black wrote:
During development, groundbreaking new features that should only be in
5.10 get applied directly to /trunk/5.10/. Bugfixes (and features
considered non-invasive enough to go into a maint release) get applied
directly to /trunk/5.8/, and then pulled through to the 5.10 branch
via "svk pull".
That would work, except that historically we have always asked for
patches to be targetted at bleadperl, not maint. Currently, that also
means that RGS is only "responsible" for applying patches to bleadperl,
and Nicholas is only responsible for applying patches to maint (whether
those are merges from blead or not). It would sort of upend things for
RGS to apply patches to maint then pull them into blead. Not
impossible, but very different from the current flow.

Additionally, as I understand it, there are strongly non-linear effects
when backporting to maint (i.e. new constructs need to be recreated as
macros moving backwards). I believe that sometimes the act of
backporting is almost equivalent to writing nearly new code based on the
idea of what was committed to blead.


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