Tom Horsley wrote:
But what if it doesn't make your life any harder, yet makes the pumpking's
job easier?
That's fine. I'm really not opposed to git /per se/; I am just
challenging the "advantages" given for the git client that I don't see
as benefits to _this_ project. I'm think we all have to give lots of
extra weight to the full-time committers preference; I can make do with
anything if I have to. AFAICT, anything not Perforce will make the
pumpking's life easier (to point to the other thread) at least in
certain respects.

I'm going to go over to the wiki tonight and start documenting what I
personally think my wishlist is in a VCS, from my development point of
view (which is really all I know well). It may be that if enough of us
do that, it will coalesce into a list we can use to evaluate our
choices. We will all have to be willing to compromise, at least a
little. Even though I currently think I prefer a Subversion backend
with SVK frontend, based on my own experience, I am still open to be
persuaded otherwise.


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