Jan Dubois wrote:
There are a number of files that should have CR/LF endings in the
released tarballs. Those are being added back in the Porting/makerel
script at the time of release (it is implied that the release tarball is
built on a system with LF line endings).
If those few files were marked as Native linefeed, the makerel script
wouldn't need to do that hackery (is what I was talking about).
I also think that there are no binary files in the repository, but that
is not repository related, AFAIK.
From perlpatch2svn in Perl::Repository::APC:
During the course of the perforce repository evolution a number of
files have been checked in that were marked as binary for some reason
and therefore are not available via the patch set. perlpatch2svn
corrects that by including all those files within itself and checking
them into subversion. Whenever it does so, it sends a message to
STDERR saying something like

Info: inserting our own //depot/perl/lib/Bundle/CPAN.pm#1
Conversion from the Perforce history has to special case those files.


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