Sam Vilain wrote:
Without going into it in detail on this list, I think svn can be pretty
much ruled out because of model deficiencies that are so fundamental
that they simply cannot be fixed. Before anyone would argue this on
here I would request that they read my own writings on use.perl.org and
the advocacy sections of http://utsl.gen.nz/talks/git-svn/intro.html.
Link to your use.perl.org identity? I've read the git-svn page and I don't see
where you describe Subversions "model deficiencies" anywhere. Please don't
start a religious discussion (which is what most SCM discussions become);
advocate for a given system, sure, but cutting some other system off because of
your own personal opinions isn't going to win you any converts...

Of great interest is not whether hg, svn, git, stack of Hollerith cards, are
going to be better going forward, but rather, how to we get from Perforce to the
new system without losing *any* metadata. Zero information loss is the only
acceptable conversion, as far as I am concerned, and thus Yves' original #4
should be #1 on the list. To that end, I plan on spending some time at OSCON
working on p42svn again, but that will kind of depend on whether I manage to get
an rsync of the existing Perforce repository before then.


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