Jerry D. Hedden wrote:
I've been watching the emails regarding hosting perl to a new
repository. It seems to be coming down to an 'svn vs git' situation,
and from the looks of it svn is winning.
I don't know that is a forgone conclusion; I think it is just as likely that the
master repository will remain in Perforce and various mirrors will exist at
different of levels of "authoritative".
Is there anyone out there that feels that git is better than svn?
Sam certainly does. He is certainly free to try and convince others; I just ask
that he does so from the angle of git is better and here's why and less XXX is
bad design.

I personally see very little benefit for every repository/WC to contain the
entire history (disk space is cheap but not that cheap). Whatever becomes my
preferred system makes keeping a current checkout of perl-current and perl-maint
be a constant time and nearly flat disk requirement. Most people don't need to
spelunk in the code (but it needs to be easier than Perforce to allow Andreas to
do his binary search magic)...


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