Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason wrote:
The idea that the original author of a work is able to relicense it
without explicit permission from all the copyright holders because he
somehow has rights over the aggragate that he doesn't hold over
individual parts is unknown to me and to the best of my knowledge has
not been applied to such works under international copyright law, can
you name any prior examples of this?
Not to be confrontational, but are you a lawyer? If not, do you have a
copyright lawyer you can ask? The Perl Foundation has spent time and
money to research this; please don't try to second guess them unless you
have _actual_ knowledge to add (as opposed to what passes for legal
advice on SlashDot, for example).
One anti-example would be the GNU project which seeks explicit
copyright assignment so that they can defend the work in court and
relicense it (as they are currently doing).
That's the GNU project policy; that doesn't mean it is right or the only
legal recourse (and in fact a lot of what RMS does seems to be trying to
push the law in *his* preferred direction, with no regard for anyone
else's interpretation). I filed a copyright assignment for the work I
did for SpamAssassin (when it moved to the Apache License), but that
code had a different license. I'm happy to provide an assignment to
Larry for my submissions to Perl5, even though it is not strictly
necessary (since I don't have a commit bit).


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