On Jul 8, 2005, at 8:51 AM, yves orton via RT wrote:

Im not sure if this is useful, but many of the things that File::Spec
tries to do on win32 are actually supported directly by the Win32 API.
IMO at least some of File::Spec's behaviour could take advantage of
this API.
Yeah, very true. However, the Win32 docs say that GetFullPathName()
first appeared in perl 5.6, so before that we'd still need to emulate.
Alternatively, we could add an XS implementation of it for 5.005 on
Windows, since the underlying C API should be available.
BTW, i say crudely, because I dont think that canonpath is very well
defined. Is it a relative path or not?
If the input is relative, the output is relative. If the input is
absolute, the output is absolute.
Likewise, File::Spec::rel2abs() should be rewritten to be a
passthrough to Win32::GetFullPathName().
True. The only problem is that it'll make it harder for me to test,
because I don't test on Windows.

Your basic point is well-taken, though - we should indeed use Win32::*
stuff whenever appropriate.


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