*>provides an alternate interface to CPAN which puts the search box "up
*>front", as it's what 99% of what people want anyway.

99% of people using CPAN never bother with the front page. Besides,
search's search algo is slow and doesn't really work that well, but Graham
already knows that.

But, most of all, Search isn't CPAN is something that I've worked very hard
at making the distinction between ever since the guy with the LT at YAPC
was beating on CPAN when he was really bitching about search. If ever
there is a better search engine, one with the source publicly available
on CPAN which would facilitate other people running their own, I'd switch
to use what's better. Search isn't CPAN.

And speaking of obsolescence.....why do you bother having scripts in that
menubar considering it hasn't been touched in 5 years, maybe more, in
spite of my pleading for volunteers for it and /docs?


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