Tim Bunce [Tim.Bunce@pobox.com] quoth:
*>Umm. Looks like 03modlist.data.gz doesn't contain the 'chapter' titles.
*>I presume that's what he's having to dig into modules/00modlist.long.html
*>for. Anything else Graham?

It's programmatically generated from the 00modlist which the 03 would be
not be a drop-in replacement for even with the categories.

*>I think there's no doubt it's truly obsoleted. (Other than your query about
*>the frontpage index for search. But hopefully we can resolve that quickly.)

Well, last I knew, he was in the middle of moving house.

*>Andreas, please remove the links to 00modlist.long.html from
*>modules/index.html and extend 03modlist.data to include chapter info?

I'm not sure I understand the hurry to remove it completely. Jarkko is the
one who needs to remove the links on the cpan modules index page. Perhaps
I can redirect all the people suddenly dropping a brick over the overnight
absence of the file and emailing cpan@perl.org to P5P. Leave it be for
now as it isn't taking up that much space and noone's gonna die if it's
given some time to sit in the interim.


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