Michael G Schwern [schwern@pobox.com] quoth:
*>FWIW that's vms-librarian-1_06 and not vms-librarian-1.06 because VMS is one
*>of those systems that puts Official Importance on the dot, like DOS. So
*>dots in filenames are typically translated to _. His real $VERSION is fine
*>(ie. 1.06).
*>As this will be a problem with any file released from VMS, maybe PAUSE
*>should translate filenames ending in X_Y to X.Y?

Well, the problem is that the code for PAUSE translates any underbar to an
'alpha' version if it's in the module and search does that if it's in the
filename, not in the actual module[s]. I don't think PAUSE should be in
the business of renaming filenames though.

*>> While I prefer the old method it doesn't really matter as long as the
*>> documentation, Exporter and search/PAUSE are all consistent in their
*>> behaviour and documentation.
*>Which is the old and which is the new method again?

I was concerned that the numbering convention had changed given the
differences above. The wording in the docs, aside from the regex, is a
little vague so when people see something with an underbar, however
improperly formed, tagged as an alpha they may get the wrong idea as I
did. I have often been frustrated by the wide variety of badly formed
versions along with those who have no versions at all, but no version is
almost better than a bad one.

*>Perhaps PAUSE should issue the warning instead as part of its upload/indexing

I am fond of the idea of having a brief email with some tips on how to
package and version your module correctly for both ends of the indexing
process sent out on receipt of your PAUSE ID. PAUSE giving a gentle
warning when that isn't followed would be nice too.


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