%% Jarkko Hietaniemi writes:
But it *is* POSIX. From IEEE Std 1003.1-2001:
jh> Ahhh, thanks. Should've dragged out my copy of the tome before
jh> opening my mouth, errr, keyboard.

jh> I think we might be caught here then with POSIX version
jh> differences. (Anyone got an older POSIX std handy?)

I don't, but I have Lewine's _POSIX Programmer's Guide_, which is based
on POSIX.1 (IEEE 1003.1-1988), and he does list %z but I'm pretty sure
it's a typo, since he doesn't list %Z at all. The text next to it just
says it's the time zone, with no format specified, and there are no uses
of %z (or %Z) in the examples.

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