I'm in the process of converting my employeer's perl applications
to use UTF-8 throughout and have come across a couple of
interesting bugs when working with UTF-8 strings and perl 5.7.2.

The first is in the Perl_mg_length function, which causes the
string length to be reported in bytes rather than characters,
even though the UTF-8 flag is set. I've attached a patch
(against 5.7.2) containing a fix & new test case for t/op/length.t

The second, in the regex engine, causes '.' to match against
bytes rather than characters when using the /s operator for
the regex match. I thought I had a suitable patch, unfortunately
it merely succeeded in breaking \C instead :-( I've attached
it anyway as it may help someone else develop a proper patch
for this problem. Also attached a script to demo the problem.


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postedAug 3, '01 at 10:38a
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