3) Perl Poetry L.Wall (1990).
According to the pink camel book, the April 1990 posting was a
forgery. You might want to ask Sharon Hopkins.
4) Haiku Popularized by D.Conway(1998) in Coy module,
but were they popular before this?
Obviously a direct outgrowth of the poetry.
6) Obfus Derived from JAPHS (?)
Most likely the other way around. There has been an annual
International Obfuscated C Code Contest since 1984. If you look at
the history on their web site (http://www.ioccc.org/) you will notice
that a certain L. Wall was a repeat winner.
7) Joke Modules sh2perl (R.Schwartz,1998)
My "Addition.pm" was released on 8 January 1998. I released
"Identity.pm" on 23 February 1998. I can't think of any earlier joke
modules offhand, but of course that hardly means that there weren't
9) April Fools 1990: "Black Perl" -- L.Wall
1998: sh2perl -- R.Schwartz
1999: Semi::semicolons -- M.Schwern
1999: "Java Mongers" -- ??
2001: parrot -- S.Cozens
2001: Acme::Buffy -- L.Brocard
There's some tradition of sending April Fool patches to p5p.
See for example


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