"Elaine" == Elaine -Hfb- Ashton writes:
Elaine> *>6) Obfus Derived from JAPHS (?) Who did the first one?

Elaine> Obfuscated perl? Gee, that's going to be hard to pin down to a
Elaine> particular person or date as, like golf, it's a natuarl
Elaine> extension of the language as well as a tradition in
Elaine> programming circles ala the obfuscated c contest etal. [ which
Elaine> I'll note goes back a /lot/ further than JAPHs ]

Elaine> I'd pin it on Jon Orwant and TPJ for starting the Obfuscated
Elaine> Perl Contest in 96.

And Larry for winning the obfuscated C contest some years earlier.
(No, it *wasn't* the Perl source he submitted, in spite of rumors to
the contrary. The Perl source exceeded the 1K limit. :)

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