Andrew.Savige@ir.com [Andrew.Savige@ir.com] quoth:
*>I am interested to learn more about this incident.
*>What this really the catalyst for the current Perl 6 development?

Well...calling it a catalyst may be too dramatic a word. The meeting was
originally a gathering of Chip Salzenberg, Jarkko Hietaniemi, myself, Tim
Bunce, Sarathy, Nick Ing-Simmons, Larry Wall, Nat Torkington, brian d foy
and Adam Turoff, brougt together to draft a constitution of sorts since
the community seemed to be fragmenting. Jon showed up to the meeting late
and found us talking about the community and started throwing things to
express his discontent with how perl itself was stagnating, possibly even
dying, and that we should be talking about reviving Perl. The cup incident
was planned theatre from what I was told later. So, it was already a fait
accompli but the tantrum was it's outing.

*>How many mugs were broken?

only one. 5 were thrown but they were tough :)

*>Were they coffee mugs or coffee cups?

Coffee mugs. Standard hotel issue.

*>What colour were they?


*>Did anyone keep some broken cups for later display in musuem?

No :)

*>Did anyone photograph the incident or broken cups?

No :) Thank goodness as I'd hate to have a photo of me diving under the

http://www.spidereyeballs.com/os5/set1/small_os5_r06_9705.html is about as
close to a photo of this as you'll find :)


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