Grokbase Groups Perl p5ee May 2002
Given that no one else is working on a code base for
P5EE I think Blue wins (if they are they're keeping it a secret). Other
than that I've only played with the demos - no time to really examine code
unfortunately - it's great right???

Mark Ethan Trostler
Computing Solutions
On Tue, 14 May 2002, Stephen Adkins wrote:
At 12:27 PM 5/11/2002 -0400, Stephen Adkins wrote:
Hi, ....
In preparation for a vote, I am requesting input from
*everyone* on this list who engages in web application
development or anything approximating "enterprise"
I am being deafened by silence.

So here is an additional qualification for voting:
You must respond to my message (your answers may be brief)
and/or participate in this discussion in order to qualify
to vote later (I reserve the right make exceptions, but
they will need to be for good reasons).

I have actually gotten three off-list responses.
Please respond via the list rather than privately.

None of the people who showed great interest at the outset
of this project have responded.
(I guess the 6 month delay chased away everyone who
showed initial interest.)

We are not deterred. The P5EE bandwagon rolls on.


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