On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 09:16:30AM -0800, Ovid wrote:
Maybe provide a way of filtering them? I wouldn't mind filtering stack traces to skip frames from Moose, Class::Mop, Eval::Closure, DBI::Cass, SQL::Abstract and so on. The bugs are usually in my code and that's where I want to look for them.
The thing I think people would most find useful is being able to, in some
way, identify the first point in the *user's* code that caused an error, as
opposed to all the layers of Moose in between (perhaps by some sort of
decorating of each of the frames as "in Moose", "not in Moose". (Being able
to remove those intermediary lines entirely might be useful in some
applications, but making it the default is likely to cause more anger and
confusion than it would solve.)

Also, I'd like us to restore the previous 'error_class' mechanism for
indicating in your own Moose-based objects how errors should be delivered.
It wasn't a well-used feature, but we accidentally lost it in the 2.1200
release, and some code on the cpan does use it, so it will be nice to bring
that back before its absence is noticed.

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