I was talking in #toolchain. The fact that I am the only person on the
planet with co-maint or ownership on all the modules that make up
Test-Simple is bothersome. It means nobody else can currently release
Test-Simple. It also means I do not have the ability to give anyone else
the ability to release.

It would be nice if I could designate people as backups for emergency
releases. Would anyone have an objections to centralizing the ownership of
these namespaces with me? I would be happy to decouple and return any
namespaces should anyone decide they want them back. I am also cc'ing
modules@ so they know that if any of you messaged modules@ asking to have
them returned to you that they should do it.

The modules I cannot grant anyone permission to release is this, I am not
listing the many modules in the upcoming release that I already own. If you
are comfortable transferring ownership to me please do so and let me know.
If you have any objections please reply :-)

I have Co-Maint, owned by AUDREYT
  * ok;
  * Test::use::ok;

I have Co-Maint, owned by SCHWERN
  * Test::More;
  * Test::Simple;
  * Test::Builder;
  * Test::Builder::Module;
  * Test::Builder::Tester::Tie;

I have Co-Maint, owned by MARKF
  * Test::Builder::Tester;
  * Test::Builder::Tester::Color;

I have Co-Maint, owned by FDALY
  * Test::Tester;
  * Test::Tester::Capture;

Thank you,


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