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In article <4BCDAE67.4030400@cpan.org>, Sullivan Beck wrote:
So, I finally got around to reworking my framework into a module that
I'll be releasing to CPAN within a few days... but I'm not sure what to
name it.

I'm currently using "Test::Inter" (i.e. interactive tests), but I'm not
a fan of that name since interactive tests are only one of the features
(and the more readable tests are probably more 'important' to most people).

I could go with "Test::Readable", "Test::Flexible", "Test::Most", ...
but none of them are really grabbing me, so I figured I'd just call for
suggestions and go with whatever is suggested.
Well, Test::Most is taken, and the others don't really identify what
you are doing.

It sounds like your major idea is to have table driven tests (which I
already do with basic Test::More stuff) that are breakable in the

From your documentation, it looks what you really have is a
Test::Builder alternative. You might get a lot of good advice about
names and other things on the qa@perl.org list.

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