On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 06:52:02AM +0200, brian d foy wrote:
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In article <20080427105612.GA20765@vnl.com>, Dale Amon wrote:
*Something* like that would be better, but you also need to distinguish
your modules from other similar modules on CPAN. What sets apart your
module from Log::Dispatch or Log4perl? Find that exciting feature and
put it in the name somehow. :)
Thanks for the feedback. I need to change the namespace anyway
as there are some API changes I have been wanting to make for
some time and making them would break a bunch of fielded systems.
I have been procrastinating on this for a couple years so releasing
it to the wild seems like a very good time to split off from the
old by giving it a new namespace... and then gradually converting
my customer systems as time allows.

Given your advice I might lean towards Fault:: as the place
to put everything as that is what the package is primarily
about. The core operation is that the first appearance of the
duple <processname, message> causes a fault to be raised;
any further occurences are ignored until a fault clear on that
duple is sent. Then any further clears on a no longer raised
fault are ignored. The faults have syslog priorities attached
to them and an extendable type name as well as a timesig. Raises
and clears are logged; and if the delegate does not have database
it can fall back on plain logging.

So perhaps Fault:: it is?

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