Hello, I currently maintain the namespaces: Filesys::Df, Filesys::Statvfs,
and Filesys::Statfs. All three come in one distribution and can't be installed
individually, although I could break out the Statfs and Statvfs modules if I
had or wanted to.

Anyway I want to register two new modules to support the system calls
fstatvfs and fstatfs. My question is, should I move all the stat system calls under
the Filesys::Df namespace (for instance Filesys::Df::Fstatvfs) since they
will all be in one distribution, or should I continue to register them under
Filesys directly?

Also do you think there would be any value in breaking out the individual
stat modules, or should I just leave everything in one package? Filesys::Df is
dependent on all of them, so if I did that, I would still have to add all of
them to the Filesys::Df package anyway.

Ian Guthrie

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