your name: Dave Cross
your email address: dave@dave.org.uk
your homepage: www.dave.org.uk
your preferred user-ID on CPAN: DAVECROSS

a description of what you're planning to contribute:
The first module I want to submit is an array comparison object. It takes
references to two arrays and returns whether or not they are the same. You
can control whether or not white space is significant and whether certain
elements of the array are ignored. You can also get varying levels of
information back, from a simple boolean flag to an array of the element
indexes which differ.

a description in module list format style and a 44 character description:
Array::Compare adpO Class to compare two arrays DAVECROSS

<http://www.dave.org.uk> SMS: sms@dave.org.uk
YAPC::Europe - London, 22 - 24 Sep <http://www.yapc.org/Europe/>

"There ain't half been some clever bastards" - Ian Dury [RIP]

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