On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Tim Bunce wrote:
It would be nice to allow the same interface to work for multiple
database types. So,

$schema = SQL::Schema->new($dbh);

seems appealing. In other words a thin SQL::Schema 'wrapper' module
that then loads a "SQL::Schema::$driver_name" module to do the work.

Sounds reasonable to me. And I agree that this is
a "nice to have".
Just some points against:

- Other databases (like DB/2, Informix) come with tools
to extract the database schema as plain SQL;
so, as there is no need to write such tools, I do not
expect that someone will volunteer to reimplement
them in perl (except as a study).

- The databases do vary widely when it comes to DDL
statements. There will be only a few elements they have
in common. So a general interface will be either hard
to implement (complex mechanisms to distinguish between
proprietary and common SQL elements / objects)
or it will be this general that it might become
nearly useless as the provided methods limit you
to a very basic use.

Nevertheless, it might make sense to start with a very
general and simple interface and see what happens.
If there is no interest we can still make the occupied
name space available again.


Torsten Hentschel privat

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