Name DSLI Description Info
------------- ---- -------------------------------------------- --------
Sex Rdpf Heterogeneous recombination of Perl packages MSCHWERN
uny2k Rdpf Removes y2k fixes MSCHWERN
loose Rdpf Perl pragma to allow unsafe constructs MSCHWERN

Okay, so these are silly but I figured I'd mention them.

One serious point. Sex and loose don't really fit into any of the
"Interface Styles" offered in 00modlist.long. Sex consists of just an
import() routine. loose doesn't even have that much, it exports one
trick function and sets a __WARN__ handler. uny2k exports two trick
functions and acts through the overloaded values they return (the more
serious y2k.pm does the same thing.)

I can see arguments that uny2k and loose are functional interfaces,
but it would be a stretch to say that's the interface Sex offers (yes,
import() is a function...)

There's a decent amount of modules which act like this (base.pm,
fields.pm, strict, warnings, etc...) Most are pragmas, they alter the
module which uses them (usually, but not always, through an import
routine.) Is this a seperate interface style? i for import? p for


Michael G Schwern http://www.pobox.com/~schwern/ schwern@pobox.com
Cherry blossoms fall
I hurry to my final
boiling paste enema.
-- mjd

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