Name: Mishka Gorodnitzky
Email: misaka@pobox.com
(Lame) Web page: http://www.deepsky.com/~misaka/
Prefered Userid: MISAKA

I have a few modules and script that I'd like to contribute. One I'd
like to contribute is Text::Extract, a module that provides
sscanf-like functionality, with some additions: an object interface to
format strings which converts the format string into a regexp only
once, and user-definable symbols and regular expression. I'm aware of
String::Scanf (although I wasn't aware of it when I wrote
Text::Extract, I wasn't thinking along the lines of 'scanf' ...), but
I think this module provides enough additional functionality that it
would be usefull as a seperate module. I saw a few articles on this
subject on comp.lang.perl.modules, but no significant discussion
ensued, only mentions of 'it would be nice ...'.

Anyway, I'm finishing documentation on this and other modules, and
will make announcements when I'm ready for their release.

-- Mishka

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