Andreas J. Koenig wrote:
On Sat, 1 Apr 2000 11:26:31 +0200, "Perl Authors Upload Server"
<upload@p11.speed-link.de> said:
The next version of the Module List will list the following module:
modid: Tie::LLHash
DSLI: Rdpr
description: Fast & clean order-preserving hashes
userid: KWILLIAMS (Ken Williams)
chapterid: 6 (Data_Type_Utilities)
enteredby: ANDK (Andreas J. König)
enteredon: Sat Apr 1 09:26:31 2000 GMT
The resulting entry will be:
::LLHash Rdpr Fast & clean order-preserving hashes KWILLIAMS

I was hesitating when I looked over this one, because neither your
README nor your manpage give me any clue about the difference between
Tie::IxHash and Tie::LLHash. The few words leave me with RTFS, but I'd
recommend to WTFM ;)
The following paragraph is in the docs:

See also Tie::IxHash by Gurusamy Sarathy. It's similar (it also does
ordered hashes), but it has a different internal data structure and a
different flavor of usage. It makes your hash behave more like a list
than this does. This module keeps more of the hash flavor.

I agree, I could add more detail about what the differences are. I'll
do that now.

------------------- -------------------
Ken Williams Last Bastion of Euclidity
ken@forum.swarthmore.edu The Math Forum

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