On 3/8/2011 11:15 PM, Adam Kennedy wrote:
On 8 March 2011 12:56, Christopher J. Madsen wrote:
Dist::Zilla is the first attempt to separate the authoring role from the
installing role that's achieved significant traction. As such, it will
never replace the "installing" side of MakeMaker or MB. There's been
some talk about an "Install::Zilla" to implement the installing role,
but AFAIK nobody's started working on that yet.

*AHEM* Module::Install *COUGH*

While M:I may be about 30% evil, it does essentially the same thing,
detaching a small subset of itself (the non-Admin classes) and
bundling them as the ::Installer half of itself.

You're in crufty I-Didn't-Write-This-Stuff-I-Just-Maintain-It'ship
I don't think I understand your point. I've never used Module::Install,
but I thought it was basically just a wrapper around MakeMaker.

By "Install::Zilla" I mean a Module::Build-like tool, but one that has
no support for the authoring role. It wouldn't bundle itself into
dists; it would just use configure_requires along with a Build.PL that
said "use Install::Zilla" instead of "use Module::Build". It wouldn't
be tightly coupled to Dist::Zilla.

I've thought of another way to split Module::Build into separate dists
for installing and authoring that may work better than my first proposal.

Module-Build would become the installer-only dist. The authoring-type
actions would be replaced with stubs that tried to load
Module::Build::Authoring and redispatch to that. If
Module::Build::Authoring was not installed, the stub would print a
message saying that you need to install it from CPAN in order to run
that command.

Chris Madsen perl@cjmweb.net
-------------------- http://www.cjmweb.net --------------------

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