On Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 9:43 PM, David Golden wrote:
Since then, my own use of Module::Build has declined, as much of my
need for it as an author has been replaced by Dist::Zilla toolkit.  At
the same time, I've taken on additional responsibilities with P5P,
CPAN PAUSE administration, and other parts of the toolchain.

Therefore, with the release of 0.3800, I am retiring as Module::Build
release manager.  I will continue to contribute occasional patches,
particularly relating to any bugs uncovered in the new CPAN Meta Spec
v2 support added in 0.3800, but do not plan to release any more
tarballs to CPAN, short of a major flaw in 0.3800 requiring an
emergency fix.

I encourage interested parties to speak up and volunteer to take on
the release manager role.
I'm not particularly interested in improving Module::Build. I am very
much interested in cannibalizing pieces of its code to make them
reusable for the second generation of Build.PL builders, which will
hopefully obsolete Module::Build in the future. Depending on your
point of view this would make me either the worst or best possible
candidate to manage Module::Build. In either case I do not think I
would be doing it for more than just a handful of releases though.


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