On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 11:25 PM, Adam Kennedy wrote:
If we take such an attitude though then we're saying this isn't being
written as a machine-consumed document that humans can debug if they
need to, but as something that needs to be first-class consumable by
humans, then there's no point of having a v at all.
It needs to be first class consumed by *programmers*, who will write
or cargo-cult whatever idiotic thing gets their job done faster by
looking at examples instead of reading a spec.

I don't expect people to read a spec any more than I expect them to
RTFM for version.pm

And the other place version numbers show up is in distfile names --
where there is no spec and where people will do god knows what trying
to process them.

Strict in what we emit: v1.2.0
Liberal in what we accept: v1.2

-- David

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