On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 1:29 PM, Curtis Jewell wrote:
I just wish that we could have one module that's the best of both M::I
and M::B. M::I's basic syntax and M:B's extensibility and being in pure
perl are both things I like.  Don't ask me about EU::MM!

Module::Build::Functions, anybody? *grin* [Thinking of the module
purpose as being analogous to the differences in use between File::Spec
and File::Spec::Functions]
I believe that Adam Kennedy has been discussing something like that
once configure_requires is fully supported in core, making that sort
of thing easier.

It really wouldn't be very hard to crib the easy style of M::I for
simple M::B modules.
If M::B had easy-to-implement ShareDir support, I'd be using it for that
module instead of M::I.
Patches welcome. ;-) It's really easy to write an M::B subclass and
stick it in inc/. Not as easy as M::I, which magically does all the
inc stuff for you. That's one of the next features I'd like to see in
M::B, myself.

-- David

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