Eric Wilhelm wrote:
Possibly I don't understand the issue well enough, but ...

It sounds like we're fixing a bug which only exists in a specific set of
bleadperl revisions which are only of interest for internal
development. That is, it will never appear in the wild?

If so, is there a good way that we can enable what you need without
maintaining this code forever?
Sorry about being AWOL from this discussion; I've had a lot on my plate
recently. I share Eric's concern about adding a pretty narrow special case to
the main M::B code, especially if it is merely to support non-public builds of Perl.

I believe I can coerce the pure Perl version.pm code to load under bleadperl,
even if the C/XS code already exists in the core. Once that is done, the newer
version.pm object behavior will take precedence over the broken old behavior. I
think I can justify adding such a special case to the version.pm code more than
adding it to a consumer of that code (e.g. M::B itself).

I'll try and take a look at this RSN (modulo getting ready for OSCON's


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