On Jul 24, 2006, at 3:05 PM, Johan Vromans wrote:

John Peacock <jpeacock@rowman.com> writes:
The file vutil/vutil.c is *exactly* the same code as exists in the
bleadperl/v5.10.0 util.c; indeed, when I fix something in vutil.c, I
literally chop out the associated block in bleadperl/util.c and
replace it with my code before generating the diff.
Wouldn't it then be a better approach to have Perl expose the
necessary entry point(s) so you can use them from XS, instead of
having to go the way of cutting/pasting?
This question makes no sense to me. If you are installing version.pm
from CPAN today, then you must be using a Perl that doesn't have
support for version.pm natively, so there's no entry point(s) to use.

For Perl 5.9.x and (someday) 5.10+:
version.pm XS is part of Perl itself
(this is the definitive implementation of version.pm)
version.pm PP is pointless

For Perl 5.8.x and earlier
version.pm XS == "cut-and-paste" code from Perl 5.9.x
version.pm PP == port of the XS implementation to pure perl


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