On Sun, Mar 6, 2016 at 10:17 AM, Paul Bennett wrote:

What's the best way for me to start a conversation with the lead
developers of DBIC as well as the leads of the various modules that wrap
DBIC as a plugin for other frameworks?

I have most of a spec (and a tiny bit of pseudocode) prepared for adding
operator overloads to result sets, to make it easier to write & reuse
pieces of queries in a style more like Relational Algebra &
Tuple-Relational Calculus. For instance, '/' for relational division, '*'
for relational product, 'x' for explicit cross join, '|' for inner join,
'||' for left outer join, '>' for left antijoin, '+' for union, '&' for
intersection, '-' for except, and so on.

The path of least resistance seems to be to subclass ResultSet and some
other classes.

However, if I subclass, then I (or someone) would end up writing
Dancer2::Plugin::DBIC::Algebra (or whatever the naming ends up being), and
so on for everything else that turns DBIC into a plugin.

So. What's the best way to get this conversation rolling?

(Cross-posting to Facebook's Perl Mongers group).


Paul W Bennett

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