On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 12:51:18PM -0500, Olaf Alders wrote:
I don't have a real answer here, but one problem may be the huge amount of inbound links search.cpan.org has vs metacpan.org Having been around so much longer, it's natural that search.cpan.org is the clear winner in this department. To a degree, MetaCPAN perpetuates the problem by publishing module Pod which, in many cases, links back to search.cpan.org as well.
I have this old and rejected PR against Pod::Simple to switch links to
metacpan.org -- https://github.com/theory/pod-simple/pull/36
If anyone is up for writing a subclass as theory suggests, that would be
helpful for the -> metacpan shift. It should also be able to support other
Pod:: modules that are built on top of Pod::Simple (like Pod::Markdown) so
other documentation formats can also use metacpan links. (I was surprised
to see that the README.md documents I generate in all my github
repositories contain s.c.o links!)

Also, I noticed that links on the cpantesters.org site also use s.c.o, so
that's another code path to update...

and then, there's 391 pages of results for
http://grep.cpan.me/?q=search.cpan.org -- many of these are META.* files
that are generated from some code somewhere (so one patch should fix all of
these, over time), but a lot were inserted manually. This would make for a
great questhub.io task for the OCD-minded (I'm looking at you pathological
typo correctors). ;)


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