Christopher Hicks [chicks@chicks.net] quoth:
*>On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, Gabor Szabo wrote:
*>>Do we really need reviews ?
*>Short of some better sort of solution for helping guide people to the
*>better choices of modules.

Writing a useful analysis, good or bad, pro or con, takes a lot of time,
thought and energy which few seem to take into consideration when writing
them. There are a number of objective points that users could use to judge
a module without including the wildly subjective view of people with a
grudge or an axe to grind.

Just about every argument for the rantings has included the 'think of the
newbies!' angle and, for the most part, I think this is a red herring as
people who can't point and click, can't distinguish a useful review from a
flawed review or can't figure out what a module does without reading the
documentation [if it has any] just aren't going to benefit from something
like cpanrantings. I might also add that those who push this argument the
most vehemently are the least likely to post reviews or even articulate

I have pushed before and will continue to push the concept of author
bundles and SDK-esque bundles where a group of valued, quality and well
regarded modules could be trivially batch installed by users via cpan.pm
or cpanplus.

The problem with cpanrantings is /not/ software.


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