Austin Schutz [tex@off.org] quoth:
*> How would you suggest we deal with this? Maybe a bit of moderator
*> I concur with this, btw. The earlier "sacrifice stone" thread had me
*>picturing my modules (ok, me really) strapped to the stone and a venomous
*>critic with a very sharp knife getting ready to perform amateur surgery.
*> One of the big reasons I haven't published much lately is it isn't
*>worth it for me to put on an asbestos suit to try to contribute.

I don't like the rantings and think they add very little overall value
precisely because of the kind of reaction you seem to be having. People
pushed and whined for years and we were unenthused because we knew it
would turn into a mostly unmoderated slugfest that would taint the
willingness of some authors and even drive a few away which, if sustained,
could really damage the archive.

Moderator intervention? No, because the same rule that makes people give
lousy 1-star reviews and rantings also applies to moderators who are not
indiscriminate in their moderating. I think the stars without reading the
reviews is horribly misleading and there are a number of modules who have
gotten crap reviews undeservedly. I am not a fan of the cpanrantings. I'd
remove the site and replace it with an account on hates-software.com, but
I'm a softie.

And, the same people who are now bored with rantings are setting their
sights on a download statistics site. Folly and utterly meaningless
numbers at their finest but in a tiny little corner of the world where
size still matters, there's going to be a lot of crushed egos. Those who
hate the rantings will /really/ hate the idea of wildly inaccurate
download stats.


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